Thursday, May 28, 2009

hey bro

I'm not much of a blogger am I? Two messages in a row now. I hope that your stay at the school is a great experience. I pray God Blesses you with all you deserve and more as he always has. You are an inspiration to me, I think about the so called "hard times" I go through and then I'm reminded how blessed I really am. For being the person you are despite all you have gone through. No one has the right to complain as I admit I have done much of my life. You know, at this very moment I'm experiencing the same darn symptoms of back and leg pain I did a few months before my 2nd surgery and writing to you and knowing the human being you are reminds me that I lack "it" where it counts. I wish I were more like you. I would be better off. So thank you! Thank you for reminding me that life goes on and that God has his reasons for everything and everything that we go through. I'm alive, your alive, and we have people who love us and who share in our trials too. I'm glad your family Darrell, and I'm glad that I know you. I love you bro! If your the GREATEST now, I can hardly wait to see what will become of you later on. We are all going to need you. When you get back, we need to fish some. But I will not be able to give you a piggy-back ride on the jetty this time. Remember?

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