Sunday, June 7, 2009

Egypt's Sister

Hey everybody, I'm back with some pretty cool news. So the other day at the relieving circle, Egypt was doing a great job pooping and I heard one of the Re-Train's dogs name was Eden. So, I started thinking Egypt and Eden.. both names have an E and there could a possibility that they were sisters. So I asked one of the staff members if the dog's files contained the names of their siblings and they told me no and asked why. I told them that I was just curious if Egypt and Eden were sisters, another staff member heard me and he said he thought they might be sisters.. So I asked them to ask the Re-Train Terry when Eden's birthday was and low and be hold it was July 11th! So I wanted to meet Terry but didn't have a chance that night but the next night when I went downtown, I was hanging out in one of the rooms and Terry came in along with Eden. So it seems like the two dogs instantly recognized each other because Egypt stood up and Eden went crazy. The two dogs are complete opposites from each other, Egypt being more relaxed and Eden being hyper. Eden is a lot smaller than Egypt, about 50 lbs and only 20 inches tall. So, it was really nice getting to meet her and the dogs played around for a while and had a lot of fun. Hopefully soon I will some pictures put up of the two dogs, I hear both of them look pretty similar, with Egypt being the prettiest of course. Thanks for reading, take care and I'll have another one up soon.


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