Thursday, June 4, 2009

Posting # 2

Ok everyone sorry its been so long we have been extremely busy but now I finally got some time to write. Well lately I have been working with Egypt around the town. We have done very well and I have gotten a lot of good feedback from my instructors they say I am a very good follower and she is a great guide for me. Some of ya’ll might laugh but we walk very slowly haha she walks right at my normal pace from the time I could see. She does really well in watching out for me and making sure I walk safely. When I walk sometimes my feet scoot on the ground and my instructors told me that everytime that happens she looks back to make sure im fine and it has come to the point that if she thinks I might scuff my feet on something she will show me. … So enough about some serious stuff for right now. Let me give ya’ll some advice, never get your hair cut at supercuts in san rafeal. I went to get a LIGHT trim, but nooo.. I almost got scalped. The lady was of asian decent. That shoulda been my red flag to turn around and cut it myself, so I went and told her a light trim and she told me “ohh ok, so you want tiny bit shorta then your hair is now” I told her correct a tiny bit shorter. She prceeded to get the buzzer and I thought she was goin to clean up my neck first. Ha! i was wrong again. She went from the neck up with a pretty short guard on. So I stopped her as soon as I could and told her no no no scissors, she did a great job blending it, but there wasn’t much conversation after that haha. All that for a good picture… So today Thursday we did traffic checks. The name has nothing to do with it, basically it was to see how the dogs reacted to a car pulling up in a driveway if we are crossing or about to cross or if the car is in the way of our route and to see how the dog solvles the problem of goin around. Naturally… Egypt passed with flying colors she gave me a buffer of 12 feet on average which means she is very careful with me. And they did a thing called the chase where a car is pulling up behind us. She took off trying to get me outta the way and I didn’t speed up fast enough so she was tugging with all her might to get me outta the way. Needless to say I wasn’t really going to get run over it was an instructor driving. I bet sometimes they don’t wanna stop for some students haha. But I was very proud of the way Egypt protects and watches me. Hopefully I will have somemore pictures for ya’ll I have some good ones waiting for ya’ll but till next time Love ya’ll and thank you for taking the time to see my boring life. Take care


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